Messy house, messy thoughts

Hello, and welcome to my brand-spanking new blog!

As I look around my house, and then look at my giant to-do list (which mostly includes paperwork and commitments I’ve made as a volunteer for school and Scouts) I’ve come to a realization:

I can’t get my other stuff done until I’ve straightened up the house.  I don’t feel in control of the work I have to do if I don’t have control over the house.

There.  I said it.  I can’t get my “business” organized if I’m surrounded by dirty dishes next to the sink, an unmade bed, and the remnants of the kid’s rush to make their lunch.  It’s like a bomb went off in here.  I just don’t understand how quickly this house devolves from nice and straightened to a giant mess.  I lucked out and today it’s just confined to the kitchen.  You should see it when it creeps into the living room… and let’s not even talk about the boys rooms and family room downstairs!

Granted, my husband is on a business trip, and I know I make much more of an effort to keep up with this place when he’s home – perhaps in an effort to “justify” my status as only working part time as a personal trainer, and the majority of my time as a stay at home mom.  Still, I say “screw it” for one day and the mess multiplies like bunnies.

Now, before you think I’m a total neat freak, please know that I’m not!  I grew up in a house where you weren’t allowed to walk into the living room after Mom (God rest her soul) vacuumed so we didn’t leave footprints, weren’t allowed to sit on the couch for fear of messing up her throw pillows, and weren’t allowed to eat anywhere but the kitchen.  We didn’t leave the house until it was completely vacuumed. We weren’t allowed to eat in the car.

I vowed that I would let my family actually LIVE in my house, and I absolutely do create an environment where they can relax.  It’s very important to me that this is a home, not a showplace.  Even still, when I can’t see the kitchen countertops, I think most would agree it’s time to get in gear. So, off I go so I can get my paperwork done!