Adventures in Paleo

Today is Day 6 of my paleo/primal/whatever you call it.  For those who don’t know, the basic premise is that we need to eat the things that early humans ate, before we settled down into society and started cultivating grains, which are supposedly toxic to our bodies. This toxicity leads to inflammation.   Also, by being “sugar burners” hopped up on carbs, our insulin spikes to counteract the sugar, then we crash, and the cycle begins again and again.


So that means YES to meat, nuts, berries, dairy,veggies and fruit, and NO to grain and grain products, beans and legumes.  Also, eat grass fed meat and pasture raised chickens and eggs – none of this processed CAFO stuff, which I don’t like or believe in anyway.  Luckily, living in Western WA means I’m surrounded by organic farms, and yes, people who raise grass fed beef.  I really can taste the difference and it’s worth the extra money, although I still get sticker shock when I go to the market!


Now, I’m already doing gluten free because I had horrible IBS.  I just switch to rice bread, rice crackers and I’m fine.  Still, the book I’m reading says to try it for 21 days and see how you feel, so I am.  My husband has been doing it for 6 weeks and says he feels better.  Lets give it a go.


So far it really hasn’t been that bad.  I immediately became aware of just how much I reach for some kind of bread.  This diet has forced me to make better food choices.  Instead of chips and salsa, I’m reaching for fruit.  Instead of a sandwich, I’m grabbing a salad or soup.  I would also do lunch meat and cheese in a lettuce wrap instead of a tortilla.  I’m eating grapefruit, apples, and more veggies than I ever have!


My biggest challenge is rushing out the door in the morning.  I usually have coffee in hand and grab a cereal bar.    Well, can’t do that!  So, I make eggs.  Fine, but I really don’t want to eat them every day.  A good “grab and go” is yogurt.  So far I found one that I like, and one I don’t at all.  I’m still searching for the perfect one .  Any suggestions would be appreciated!


My kids came from a friends house yesterday, and their mom gave us some homemade bread.  OK, I had a slice and it was amazing, but I”m definitely puffier today because of it!  If I don’t stick to this forever, at least I’m going to make bread an occasional special treat.  Hey, lox and cream cheese have to go on SOMETHING!


9 thoughts on “Adventures in Paleo

  1. Leann parente says:

    Hmmmm, sounds very healthy. The morning thing would really trip me up too! Have you tried Stonyfield yogurt? We have at least 5 large tubs of various flavors in our fridge at a time. My hubby, who likes Greek yogurt, eats the plain flavor, which tastes like Greek, but is a little cheaper (probably not quite as thick). But if you are a Greek yogurt lover, they make one called Oikos. Good luck!!

    • I haven’t yet. I’ll check it out. They are organic, correct? I did find a goats milk yogurt that I like, but I’m still looking. I’m starting with the little containers until I hit on my favorite.

      I cannot abide greek yogurt, especially unsweetened. That’s a drag because it’s so healthy, doesn’t have sugar. I just can’t do it!

      • Leann says:

        yes, they are organic. I can’t do the plain/greek either. I do the low fat vanilla, the kids like the strawberry and banana (which they call banilla 🙂

    • Really, it’s only grain – wheat, rice, oats, etc. Yes, even the “whole grains” are not allowed. Especially not allowed are processed grains, which rules out your pretzels, corn chips, crackers, cereal bars, pretty much anything they sell at Costco! haha! Beans and legumes (peanuts) also are “toxic” – I know they blow me up like a balloon, so this is another one I’d only eat ever so often instead of every day!

      They do allow dark chocolate. And wine. What a wonderful world!

      I have to say I”m noticing that I can maintain my weight and my belly pudge is beginning to go away.

  2. Leann says:

    Btw, have you ever read “The Zone” He basically says the same thing, that Humans have evolved over thousands of years since the caveman, but our metabolism hasn’t. Only he does advocate eating whole grains. I just don’t know if I could give up my pretzels and sandwiches. But if the belly pudge goes away, I may consider it 😉

    • I have to eat something when I have a glass of wine or I get way too loopy way too soon. Instead of crackers or pretzels, I’ll just have nuts or cheese and apples instead. Who knew?

  3. Fage Greek yogurt. Not sure if you would do fake sugar???? I sprinkle Splenda and cinnamon and love it. It’s the best yogurt…very protein rich and flavorful!

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