Paleo and pasture raised!

Day 6 or 7 of Paleo ( I think six, I misspoke yesterday).  Close enough!

I had time this morning, so I made Eggs a la Daddy today – 2 beautiful, pasture raised eggs, plus a little milk scrambled with 1 serving of cheddar cheese.  That’s pretty much the only way I can eat scrambled eggs!   It always confuses my kids when I ask them if they want eggs a la daddy, because they think they mean my husband, their daddy.  Nope nope nope, I men eggs a la MY daddy!


I cannot begin to sing the praises of these gorgeous, delicious, yellow-orange eggs.  Kids and dogs need fresh air and sunshine. Well, so do chickens.  I know it grosses people out to discover that chickens like to  scratch around  eat bugs (even if they are in manure left over from cows), and God knows what else, but you know what?  That’s how God intended them to eat!  Really and truly, the flavor is amazing.  Don’t even get me started on the dreamy deliciousness of a nice pasture raised chicken in my little  George Foreman rotisserie….


They are nothing like the CAFO eggs or chicken you normally get at the store, which are bland as anything, not to mention the unsanitary conditions they are forced to live in.  Gak.  I also learned that “free range” doesn’t mean the chickens get to run around in the sunshine with the cute red barn in the background.   Funny how I read Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” as I was moving from NJ to WA.  I had no idea that “free range” means that the little chicks are conditioned to stay indoors.  When they are adults, they do in fact have access to the outdoors…. except they don’t want to go.  Instead, they basically live in a big barn practically stepping on each other, and each other’s poop.  Double gak!

I made tuna with apples for lunch, and really wanted it on some nice toast.  However, instead I put it on a huge bed of lettuce  and it was delicious.  As for snacking, I have only two words:


Kale Chips


OMG!  You have not lived until you’ve eaten kale chips…unless they are overcooked and have that burned, bitter taste!  Patrick (my husband) makes them better than I do, but still.  Yummers!  Drizzle with olive oil, stir in bowl, put on cookie sheet at 275 degrees for 15 mins. Check them as you get close to 15 so they don’t burn if your stove runs hot, or extend the time if they aren’t crispy enough.   I sprinkle Old Bay seasoning on them and I swear we can eat these every single day.  They go really well with a glass of wine, which I am currently enjoying as I write this!


So many more thoughts swirling through my head, but I have to make dinner and run the kids to Scouts and speed skating.  Sayonara!



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