Where has this week gone???  I finally have time to blog!

Well, so far I’ve lost and kept off 2 pounds by cutting out grains most days of the week.  And…. you’ll never believe this.  I bought my first ever pair of low rise jeans!  (Hip Huggers if you were raised in the 70’s).   This, from the woman who has railed against low rise for years!  I’m still on the lookout for skinny jeans that hit at my waist, but this is a big step for me.    I  have a little pudge at my stomach (always the last place to go!) but I swear it’s going away.  I have no intention of ever wearing a belly shirt  with them.  However, I can get away with wearing them with the shirts I have and not look like a giant muffin.  Whee!  BTW, we called belly shirts “midriffs” back in the 70’s.

I had a conversation with my sister Heather the other day.  She coined the term “Paleokookiness” to describe my new way of eating.  Love it!  I gave her a brief tutorial about CAFO’s, pasture raised vs free range chickens, etc.  She was summarily grossed out.  I hope she gets a chance to watch Food, Inc.  She’s a busy lady being a full time professor, and going for her Masters.

You know, I never thought I’d blog about paleo, or food production, or government subsidies of our food system.  Amazing how things turn out!  It just so happens I started blogging when I started paleo, and obviously it’s on the forefront of my mind!  I am reaching for veggies, fruits and nuts as a snack instead of processed carbs.  Overall, I have a much more balanced diet than I ever did!  To me, bread products are a special treat, like calorie bomb desserts would be.  Today, I’m having my GF bread with my homemade Wild Caught Alaskan lox.  Can’t pass that up, no way, no how!

Question:  If grains are so toxic, how is it that typical Asian and Indian diets contain so much rice with seemingly no consequences?  In fact, some cultures see to have longevity far beyond Americans, and I’ve never heard of rampant conditions caused by inflammation.  Is the toxicity from how our grains are being PROCESSED, or the “original” grain itself?  Can anyone out there reconcile this?  That’s the one thing about paleo that never made sense to me.




4 thoughts on “Paleokookiness

    • Thanks! I’m really excited. I don’t care so much about the number on the scale, I just want the 13 year old baby pudge gone! I know I’m not losing muscle because I’m still doing my regular strength workouts.

      Hip huggers feel weird to me still, and I’m so paranoid about turning into one of those women who bend down and flash their underwear! My worst fear is being featured in “”!!! haha!

      I’ll check out Mark Sisson’s website. I’m reading his 21 day Total Transformation book now!

  1. livinghealth12 says:

    Great questions. Obviously ancestry has something to do with it, so does how you are raised. Soaking grains prior to using them to remove growth inhibitors can make them easier to digest (when using whole grains) and not overdoing any one grain in particular (esp. gluten grains) is helpful. After years of not eating properly, I found that I had to omit grains from my diet for a time. As my body began to heal, I was able to add grains back in a little at a time. Now I just have to watch that I don’t overdo grains – they can make me too hungry too fast.

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