I’m a cheap date

One thing I’ve noticed is that ever since I’ve started the paleo diet, I can’t handle my liquor!  I love a nice glass of wine with a good meal.  Ok, I also love a nice glass of wine at the end of the day when the kids are finishing up their homework an I’m tired of telling them to stay focused.  But I digress…

Now, after one glass, I have to stop!  Two used to be my limit (on the rare occasion I’ve had glasses #3 or 4, forget it!)  Has this happened to anyone else?  Did all that bread I used to eat absorb that much alcohol???  Geez!  No fun!

I am proud of myself for passing up the mushroom ravioli at a fabulous restaurant near my house.  Instead, I had sauteed prawns, scallops, kale and homemade mashed potatoes.  Yum Yum Yum!  I should have taken a picture.  Even when you go out to a restaurant, it’s easy to stay with paleo!

What’s your favorite thing to order at a restaurant?  And, am I the only one who has turned into a real lightweight??



One thought on “I’m a cheap date

  1. Susan says:

    No. You aren’t. I can’t even drink an entire glass. I never have been. I am SO very reactive to alchol that I don’t bother. I learned a long time ago in college that nary the two shall mix. I never did drink very much. I can tell you that the generations I am genetically from must have drank a LOT. I am a black out at one drink type. Go figure? I allow myself a shot glass of reddest wine on occasion because it is heart healthy, but I have to stay with the shot!

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